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OhYee f6b9341f61
fix: process leak 4 months ago
OhYee f8eef204ae
fix: add more ip query api 10 months ago
OhYee 80c7365320
fix: read client ip from x-real-ip 10 months ago
OhYee 7f1426754d
fix: get ip from X-Forwarded-For 10 months ago
OhYee a23cfc49ab
feat: record comment ip, and query position 10 months ago
OhYee 84d8feeee1 fix: only init on standard start 2 years ago
OhYee 587ef1d8d9
fix: spider doesn't work, lru position out of range 2 years ago
OhYee 9e3d000a14
feat: goroutine pool 2 years ago
OhYee 78c31379af
feat: expired and lru map 2 years ago
OhYee 47affe07c6
feat: lru and expired 2 years ago
OhYee 0845059e9d
feat: random string generator(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee d281a24663
misc: move protocol package in micro server package(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee ca608ef018
misc: delete unused code(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee cebb9adc9e
misc: add global variable of the server(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 365f53ae62
misc: add Request type(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 79c10dd60b
misc: add heartbeat message(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 6a54b279c5
misc: message type generated by gcg(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 448e9a2c6a
test: add connection test file(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 4db99e76aa
misc: send time and recvive time of connection(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 5f2ce0fab6
misc: add NewConnectionFromBytes function(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee c357fda539
misc: Connection.ToBytes()(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 5369a9729e
misc: NewValueFromBytes function(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee a5f6b53c67
misc: API.ToBytes()(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 72e06f3949
misc: add NewValueFromBytes function(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 23ea7cd683
misc: add Value.ToBytes()(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee fb0d799f13
misc: using len() to get handshake length(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 01ce7a55e0
misc: add declare function(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 610fe33ba5
misc: connection type of the protocol(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 30d7fe9cdd
test: handshake test function test(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 6d3f928461
test: add handshark test case(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 345ce5133c
misc: handshake part of the protocol(#master) 3 years ago
OhYee 7191aa685e
misc: micro server(#master) 3 years ago